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                                                Hull Cleaning 

Hull Cleaning - includes: clean prop, clean shaft, check zincs, clean all intakes and through hulls, clean all transducers, clean rudder, clean struts, clean keel, waterline, and pad entire bottom to remove scum.

This service when performed monthly will extend the life of your bottom paint.

We use brushes and scrubbers  specially chosen to provide the best care for your boat with a least aggressive method possible and like that will avoid removal of antifouling paint from the  hull while cleaning marine growth .


                                              Zincs Anode Replacement 

Zinc Anode Replacement is essential to prevent corrosion and electrolysis of your boat’s Hull, Running Gears, Propellers, Rudders, Struts, and Shafts.

All underwater boat and yacht hulls should have zinc anodes on all metal parts.

These should be inspected during every Underwater Hull Cleaning performed to ensure proper contact and connectivity, amount of decay and effectiveness of each particular zinc anode.

Upon completion of the First Hull Cleaning where zincs are replaced, we evaluate the rate at which your zincs are burning.

We consistently monitor and evaluate your Zinc Life and replace as needed.


Dock Maintenance  - cleaning include:

Removing growth from the floats, which will help keeping all swimmers around the dock safer and also extend the life off the dock.


  •    Underwater photography & videography

  • Inspections

  • Object retrieval-Salvage Dive 

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